Problem with rexxsql installation (ooRexx)

  • Weyland Yutani
    Weyland Yutani

    I've installed RexxSQL 2.5 and tested the installation as described in the INSTALL file.

    It works OK with the rexxsql executable, but not with ooRexx, as follows:

    rexxsql . . .

    C:\rexxsql>rexxsql simple.cmd user=fruit pass=wallywally data=prime
    Connect succeeded!
    Rexx Version: REXX-ooRexx_3.1(MT) 6.00 17 Nov 2006
    Rexx/SQL Version: rexxsql 2.5 15 Oct 2006 WIN32 MySQL
    Database Name: mySQL
    Database Version: 5.0.27-community-nt
    Disconnect succeeded!

    ooRexx . . .

    C:\rexxsql>rexx simple.cmd user=fruit pass=wallywally data=prime
    Program failed: syntax error on line 18
    51 *-* Call SQLDropFuncs 'UNLOAD'
    55 *-* Call Abort 'syntax error on line' sigl
    Error 43 running C:\rexxsql\simple.cmd line 51: Routine not found
    Error 43.1: Could not find routine "SQLDROPFUNCS"

    All the DLLs and EXEs are in the right place, on the PATH. Anyone know what's wrong?

    (I originally asked this on the ooRexx forum, before I discovered this one.)

    [RexxSQL 2.5 and ooRexx_3.1(MT) 6.00 17 Nov 2006 on XP]