Is Retroweaver under development?

  • Trustin Lee
    Trustin Lee


    Thank you for your effort on Retroweaver first of all.  But I see several old issues remaining as 'open' without comments.  Is Retroweaver still under development, or discontinued?  Will there be a new release soon?

    I couldn't check the CVS activity because CVS repository was empty.


    • Klaus Berg
      Klaus Berg

      Hi Trustin,

      I have the same impression. It seems that retroweaver development is "frozen". No CVS files, no new release although there are some major bugs and patches.

      • As there hasn't been any new version in a while and there are a number of bugs and patches outstanding, I have created a new sourceforge project, "retroweaver-ng", based on the 1.1 release.

        I am currently in the process of integrating the various patches and should have a version available in a subversion repository in the next few days. I will post a new message when it's available.


        • Garret Wilson
          Garret Wilson


          Many thanks! I was just getting ready to do that. I had already set up a Subversion repository with a few fixes, including a the backport collection library and a few new Class methods. (Note that one of them listed here had a bug by not following the API for null.)

          I hadn't published the URL yet, partly because I hadn't tested everything. I'll be more than happy to switch over to the new project. I'll send you a private link to the Subversion project with what I've done.