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Retroweaver on wikipedia

  • Hi folks,
    I created this page on wikipedia, in which I reported my best knowledge on retroweaver:

    You may want to check it and maybe contribute.

    • Toby Reyelts
      Toby Reyelts

      Hi Davide,

      I appreciate you creating an entry for us on Wikipedia, but can you do me a favor and change the results from "No", to "I don't know", where you don't actually know what we support? It's obvious from the table that you haven't tried a basic test of the features you cite as a "No".

      • Yes, you are right, I haven't.
        But I wrote my knowledge, which may be incorrect. You are free to fix it: you don't even need to login on wikipedia (and it's "politically" correct for you to write the right info, instead for me to write an "I don't know").