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This is ReText wiki. Some useful pages: Quick Start Guide Changelog Testing ReText Using configuration file FAQ For which platforms is ReText available? ReText is officially supported on Linux. For Mac OS X, there is a Homebrew repository at brew tap homebrew/python brew install retext Theoretically it can be run on any other platform. If you want to port ReText to your platform, please file a bug and describe required changes. Why is ReText better than my favourite text editor (Gedit, KWrite)? It supports text formatting and can save to different file formats (PDF, HTML). Why is ReText better than my favourite word processor (LibreOffice Writer, KWord, AbiWord)? Most word processors are very complicated and leave a lot of mess in their output files. ReText gives you the power to control all output formatting. Markdown and reST are WYSIWYM markup languages, so if you save a document as plain text, anyone will be able to see how it has been formatted. ReText also has support for tabs. What are Markdown and reStructuredText? Markdown is a text markup language which allows you to create documents of all types (this page is written using Markdown). Some links: website, guide, basics, syntax, and online renderer. You may also want to have a look at odt2txt or odt2pandoc scripts that convert ODT files to Markdown files. reStructuredText is another popular markup language. Some links: website, quick reference, example document, cheat sheet, and online renderer. Can I use math formulas? Yes, see MathJax page for details. Can I use page breaks? Yes, you can do this in Markdown mode by using "page-break-before: always" style. Example: Some text here. Another page starts here. {: style="page-break-before: always" } You should enable attr_list Markdown extension before using this (see Configuration file for details). Why doesn't ReText display title of my reStructuredText document? When you put a header in the beginning of the file, it's considered as document title, so it won't be displayed. But if you export your document to PDF/HTML, this will be displayed as a title. According to the specification: A lone top-level section title can be treated as the document title. Similarly, a lone second-level section title immediately after the "document title" can become the document subtitle. The rest of the sections are then lifted up a level or two. See the DocTitle transform for details. To work around this issue, put this to your docutils configuration file (i.e. ~/.docutils): [standalone reader] doctitle_xform = false I want to translate ReText into my language. Anyone is welcome to translate ReText! There are two ways to do this. The first way is via Transifex web interface. Alternatively, you can translate the .ts files manually using Qt Linguist. Here are the instructions: Install Qt4 and PyQt4 dev tools (On Ubuntu you need packages qt4-dev-tools, pyqt4-dev-tools, libqt4-dev) Get the code (from Git) and go to its directory Run pylupdate4 -ts retext_%LANG%.ts (replace %LANG% with code of your language, i.e. retext_fr.ts or retext_pt_BR.ts) Open the generated .ts file with Qt Linguist and make the translation (you can read the one minute guide first) Create a ticket and attach the .ts file there so that we can include it to ReText source code tree Until then, you can compile the translation into a .qm file via Qt Linguist and use it.
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Export Extensions (WikiPage)
Export Extensions were introduced in ReText 3.0 and allow you to add your own export functions to ReText. The specification Basics An export extension is a desktop-file located in RETEXT_PREFIX/share/retext/export-extensions, currently supported prefixes are /usr and ~/.local. Export extension file should have a .desktop extension. It is possible to write extensions that are compatible with the Desktop Entry Specification. Export extensions take Markdown, ReST or HTML files as input file. Structure of the file Here's a basic file structure: [Desktop entry] # First line is optional Key1=Value1 Key2=Value2 ... Supported keys Currently supported keys are Name, Name[locale], Icon, Exec, MimeType, FileFilter and DefaultExtension. Keys Exec, FileFilter and DefaultExtension may have a X-ReText- vendor prefix. Key Description Name, Name[locale] Displayed name of the extension, with possible localizations Icon Name of the icon in the icon theme Exec Absolute path to command being executed, with some arguments (see section below) MimeType When set, the extension will be enabled with a certain file type. Use text/x-{retext-}markdown, text/x-{retext-}rst or text/html here. FileFilter Used in save dialog, should be in form of QFileDialog file filter (example: Filter 1 (*.ext11 *.ext12);;Filter 2 (*.ext2)) DefaultExtension Default extension that dialog will append to the file (example: .ext) Command arguments These arguments, if given in Exec key string, ReText will replace: Argument Replaced with %if Input file name (Markdown or ReST) %html Input HTML file name %of Output file name (will trigger a dialog to allow user select one) Example of extension This extension will use pandoc to export a Markdown file to RTF [Desktop Entry] Name=Export to RTF Name[ru]=Экспорт в RTF Exec=/usr/bin/pandoc -f markdown -t rtf -o %of %if X-ReText-FileFilter=RTF Files (*.rtf) X-ReText-DefaultExtension=.rtf
Last updated: 2014-11-15

Quick Start Guide (WikiPage)
This is a quick guide for starting to work with ReText. System Requirements Any modern operating system Python 3.x Qt 5 libraries PyQt bindings PyMarkups Python-Markdown and/or Docutils This component is needed if you want to use some extra features: PyEnchant - for spell checking support Debian users can find ReText in their testing repository, and Ubuntu users can install it from ppa:mitya57. Users of other systems can download ReText from the Downloads page. Users of non-X11 systems should also download the icons pack and extract it into icons sub-directory of ReText installation directory. Starting up After you open ReText, the main editing area will be shown. You can now type the text in your favourite markup language. You can switch between Markdown and ReStructuredText using "Edit → Default editing mode" menu (if both modules are installed). For preview, click "Preview" button or press Ctrl+E. To enable two-panel mode, activate "Live Preview" from "Edit" menu or press Ctrl+L. To insert a page break, look at this page. To see pages layout, use "File → Print Preview" menu option. To set a font, use "Edit → Change default font" option. Files are opened and saved just like in all other text editors. To export a file to a different format, use "File → Export" menu. Next steps Look at our Webpages Generator guide or learn how to tune ReText using the configuration file.
Last updated: 2015-03-09

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