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#88 Disable Title Generation

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Jacob Floyd

I am using ReText 4.0.1 (in gentoo linux) to edit the ReStructuredText that generates pages like this one:

I've managed to modify the stylesheet from the website enough to let me see approximately how the docs will be generated, so which headings become which (H1, H2, etc) is an important visual cue to me. (H1 is orange, H2 is black)

One problem I am facing now is that the header seems to disappear on most pages. The one I linked to above is a good example. It has one main header (H1) and everything else is a subheader (H2+).

It looks like ReText (or docutils?) is removing the header and using it as a title element that is not visible in ReText.

Can I disable this somehow, so that the first element does not become the title, and becomes H1?


  • It's Docutils removing those headers, it would be nice if you filed a feature request there (I can do that for you if you want).

    Last edit: Dmitry Shachnev 2013-07-21
  • Jacob Floyd
    Jacob Floyd

    OK. I googled around a bit, and found this gem, a setting that disables the title behavior:
    doctitle_xform or, on the command line --no-doc-title


    Could you expose that setting somehow? maybe via a setting in retext's config?

    I think the default would be to leave the setting enabled, but allow people like me to turn it off. The documentation website built with the ReST files I work with is built with sphynx, but I like your interface better (side-by-side preview is fantastic). Apparently Sphynx doesn't enable the doc title feature, even though it also uses docutils.

  • Why can't you just use the Docutils configuration file? I.e. put this in your ~/.docutils:

    [standalone reader]
    doctitle_xform = false

    I don't see any point in making that setting acessible via two different config files...



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