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2 days ago

I have seen that when i convert the md file on odt or pdf the link not work. The text are colored different but not it a working link.
i have re added the link in the odt generated.


  • There are two separate issues here.

    • For PDFs, the issue looks similar to QTBUG-24949, which I fixed some time ago. The fix will be available in Qt 4.8.5 and 5.1.0. As a workaround, running ReText with LC_NUMERIC=C should help.

    • For ODTs, exporting links is just not implemented. If you want an ODT exporter with links support, try pandoc.

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    • summary: Link in odt and pdf not work --> Link in pdf not work
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    • Milestone: 4.1 --> retext-next
  • Mte90

    i using debian sid and the qt version are 4.8.4 -.-'
    i will try pandoc for convert the file for the moment :-)

  • Mte90

    Now in debian sid i have qt 4.8.5 but the bug persists.
    I have added the extension urlize but in the shell i get this:
    Failed loading extension urlize
    The version of retext 4.1 beta 1 of the debian repo

    • Now in debian sid i have qt 4.8.5 but the bug persists.

      Can you please attach the source and generated PDF so that I can investigate that?

      Failed loading extension urlize

      You should have mdx_urlize.py in your PYTHONPATH, i.e. in /usr/local/lib/python3.3/dist-packages.

  • Sorry for the late response, here's an update on this bug:

    • With default engine (QTextEdit) everything should work fine since Qt 4.8.5 and 5.1.
    • With WebKit engine links won't work unless the patches from wkhtml2pdf developers are merged into Qt (see i.e. this bug). There is really nothing we can do about this in ReText.

    Some workarounds:

    • Disable WebKit engine while doing a PDF export;
    • Use a tool like Pandoc;
    • Save your document as HTML file and use a browser to turn it into a PDF.
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  • Mte90

    i think that the simple solution is disable the webkit engine.
    Thanks for the help!



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