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Looks like there is a "gap in the market" for a software that can edit "wiki-like" documents directly from filesystem, without leaving editor for opening the next document. Also with some kind of link support.

Here is what I think ReText can do to fill that gap.

  • Define a concept of project or at least a base directory, so that links can be setup as relative to the project home or the base directory.
  • A concept of namespaces can be used to enhance the above point, so that it sets standards on how pages are organised on disk; a namespace would equate to a sub-folder within the project.
  • A system of attachments, especially for the purpose of attaching and inserting images would make a huge difference. Here we can keep all attachments for a page in a "_attachments" folder (or something of the like).
  • Document tree view or to make it simpler, we can use the directory structure in a file-browser. The latter has the added advantage (if done right) to integrate with shell-extensions (on windows, not sure if there is an equivalent on Linux and other desktops) like TortoiseSVN, which makes it easier to interact with source control systems etc.

I do like web-based wiki software, but I do not like the idea of having the data stored in an entirely different repository, outside the source tree. Above all, the approach mentioned above will make it possible to edit docs offline.


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    Code Medic

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  • I currently don’t have time to implement your ideas, so just some notes:

    • In ReText, all links are relative to the directory the file is saved in. So you can already use relative references, store images in _attachments, etc.

    • WpGen has a “Web Library” concept, which unfortunately is not integrated with ReText and is also not documented anywhere. I will try to fix that.

    • I don’t use TortoiseSVN, but doesn’t it work with ReText’s Open/Save dialogues? I don’t want to add additional panels to the UI if the dialogues already work fine (as it’ll mean less space for edit/preview areas in Live Preview mode).

    • You can use Export Extensions to write plugins to interact with SVN/Git/etc. Maybe I’ll write an extension for Git at some point.



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