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please add support for http://johnmacfarlane.net/pandoc/ to markdown, since it is a very convenient lot of additions.
Maybe some other extensions could be added, but I am not familiar with the other so that I can only recomment Pandoc's one.
Note: There is already a pandoc wrapper for python by Kenneth Reitz: https://github.com/kennethreitz/pyandoc


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  • ReText uses python-markdown which supports only it's own extensions (i have given a link above), so it can't use pandoc's extension (but you can find a good replacement for it).

    // Version in Ubuntu is 1.5, I used the version from Debian experimental. They are really slow :)

  • Fixed in Git.

    To use this feature, you need to add a section "Export" to your config file like this:

    rtf=/usr/bin/pandoc -f markdown -t rtf -o %of %if
    docbook=/usr/bin/pandoc -f markdown -t docbook -o %of %if

    where %of and %if will be replaced with input and output filenames at runtime.

    Then you can access this feature via "Export > Other formats". Note: format name should be the same as the extension, since it's appended to the filename.

    // I can't place it into the main "Export" menu due to technical restrictions.

    Last edit: Dmitry Shachnev 2011-05-11
    • status: accepted --> closed
    • assigned_to: Dmitry Shachnev
    • milestone: 1.1 --> 1.0-updates
  • codronm


    I'll try to give it a try, but I do not have so much time in the upcoming days...
    So I do not promise to give feedback quickly

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