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#62 Color schemes should be configurable


Light colours are tiring, but a system-wide dark colour scheme (like Solarized Dark) doesn't play well with some apps and in some situations. So ability to change the bacrground and font colours in config would be a fine convenient.


  • This is already possible with help of Qt stylesheets.

    I.e. if you want the editor text to be white-on-black, put the following into your retext.css:

    QTextEdit {
      color: black;
      background-color: white;

    and add


    to your configuration file.

    It is possible to customize every widget, including the window itself and the toolbar.

  • TabletHater

    Many thanks.

    Sorry for being noob and dumb at the same time, but I can't find out how to change the link colour as the default dark bule link colour on a dark background isn't legible.

    • Do you mean the links in the preview box? This is done using regular stylesheets: create a separate CSS and set its path in styleSheet config option.

      It's regular CSS, so styling for links would be

      a {
        /* some style here */

      Note: this will be applied to printed documents and exported PDFs as well (if you don't want that, export to HTML and then print).

  • TabletHater

    Very sorry; actually I was trying to say "footnotes" in the editor window.

    The footnote numbers and such.

    Last edit: TabletHater 2012-12-05
    • These colors are currently hard-coded in highlighter.py. This is a serious issue, I'll make the colors configurable for 4.1.

    • status: closed --> accepted
    • assigned_to: Dmitry Shachnev
    • milestone: retext-next --> 4.1
  • TabletHater

    Thank you.

    By the way, have you heard about a similar cross platform app, Qarkdown (http://hasseg.org/hgweb/qarkdown/summary and http://hasseg.org/peg-markdown-highlight/)?

    Haven't been released yet; have compiled with QtCreater. It gives four colour/syntax highlighting scheme options: Dark Solarized, Dark Solarized subtle, Light Solarized, Light Solarized subtle.

    Un-subtle ones are a bit agressive, but the subtle ones are elegant and make navigation in a long doc easier.

    • No, thanks for links! The highlighter doesn't seem to have python bindings so I can't use it directly, but I can take some ideas from it :)

    • summary: Ability to change font and background colours --> Color schemes should be configurable
    • status: closed --> accepted
    • Milestone: 4.1 --> 5.0
  • Fixed in Git. Now you can specify colorSchemeFile configuration option, where the file can look like:

    blockquotes = darkgreen
    htmlcomments = #789

    Full list of supported keys (from ReText/highlighter.py):

    'htmltags', 'htmlsymbols', 'htmlquotes', 'htmlcomments',
    'markdownlinks', 'blockquotes',
    'restdirectives', 'restroles'

  • Anonymous

    Thank you.



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