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* Ability to use QtWebKit
* Splitter between edit and preview boxes
* Support for opening several files via command-line
* Support for GData 3 API and replacing existing document in Google Docs
* Help page

* Support for reST (reStructuredText), with a GUI option to switch between Markdown and reST
* Text search
* Global CSS file support
* File auto-save support
* WpGen 0.4, also with reST support
* Getting title from ReST title or Markdown metadata
* Changed the default extension for Markdown to .mkd
* New "About" dialog

* Added spell checker based on enchant
* Added fullscreen mode

* First stable release
* Add "Select default font" option
* Use HTML input when Markdown not loaded
* Add Ctrl+Shift+E sequence for Live preview

* Add "Show folder", "Markdown syntax exapmles" actions
* Start even if Markdown is not installed
* Do not highlight quotes outside the tags
* Save plain text documents with *.txt format

* Tabs support
* GUI for WpGen
* Launching preview on Ctrl+E shortcut