ReText 3.1.0 released

Today, we are pleased to release ReText 3.1.0 (download link).

This is mostly a preparation for the next big release (4.0), but there are some new features here.

  • Spell check suggestions — if you have pyenchant installed, ReText will suggest you the correct spelling of words in the right-click menu.
  • Document-specific highlighting — for example, the highlighter will no longer highlight plain text documents, and will ignore HTML tags in reStructuredText documents.
  • Some improvements to the webpages generator (wpgen) — it was updated to version 0.5.4.

Also, there was a big code cleanup in this release. Deleted were: old-style export extensions (read here how to use the new ones), fallback HTML syntax (it wasn't working really), and some other mostly-unused code.

In the next release, we are planning to make some giant changes, including:

  • An external python module will be used for all operations with documents. It will support not only Markdown and reStructuredText, but it will be customizable so that one could easily add his own markup language there;
  • Webpages generator will become part of that module or a separate package;
  • We'll switch to using Python 3.x by default (support for Python 2 will remain);
  • We also plan to add support for per-document CSS styles.

Enjoy the new release and report any bugs you find to our tracker.

Posted by Dmitry Shachnev 2012-06-07 Labels: announcements release