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Posted by Garret Acott 2010-11-16

RESTORE 4.0 released!

December 24, RESTORE 4.0 was completed and released. This marks the first stable RoR version of RESTORE.

Posted by Garret Acott 2008-01-01

RESTORE 4.0rc1-1 Released

We are happy to anounce that we have made it out of beta and have reached RC1!

Posted by Garret Acott 2007-12-21

4.0b42-1 Released

Fixing a number of bugs reported in 4.0b40-1 but missed in 4.0b41-1, including the scheduling bug.

Posted by Garret Acott 2007-12-19

4.0b41-1 Release out!

Many changes to all editions!

Posted by Garret Acott 2007-12-18

Fix for loosing VM eth0

In the newer images we are including a script called "" inside of the restore users directory. If eth0 is not showing up in your VM run the command: "sudo sh" from within the /home/restore directory. If this file is not included in the VM you have, create the file yourself with the following in it, and name it

#! /bin/bash
mac=`ifconfig -a | grep "HWaddr" | cut -d " " -f 11`
echo "eth0 mac $mac arp 1" > /etc/iftab
----------------------------------------------------------... read more

Posted by Garret Acott 2007-10-07

New instructions as of 4.0a19-1

We have pulled the x-windows out of the virtual machine because we are getting ready to provide a live-cd. It makes much more since to have a gui on the live cd and we were able to shrink the VM down substantially.

That being said, user information for the VM is as it has been.

user = restore
password = password

Once logged in run ifconfig to find out the ip address (DHCP) of the VM. Open the browser of your workstation and point it to that address. User name and password for restore are: ... read more

Posted by Garret Acott 2007-10-04

VM Instructions

Xubuntu user = restore, password = password

Restore user = admin, password = password

Quick instructions:
You should create a reseller, and under the reseller, create a client and an initial user. It's that user account that will be able to start creating targets and backing up your network.

We're working hard to complete this release, and some basic documentation is coming shortly to the Trac website:

Posted by Garret Acott 2007-10-02