JAXB Decorator

  • Hello,

    I am using Rest easy 2.0 Version. and trying to use the  JAXB Decorator during Marshalling

    I followed the documentation as per 19.1 of REST easy Reference Guide but this does not work.

    I have done the below steps

    Please let me know if i am doing some thing wrong.

    1.  Declared a annotation Named   Format


    @Target({ElementType.TYPE, ElementType.METHOD, ElementType.PARAMETER, ElementType.FIELD})
    @Decorator(processor = FormatProcessor.class, target = Marshaller.class)
    public @interface Format



    2.  A Concrete class implemented the above Declared interface

    /*   @DecorateTypes({"text/*+xml", "application/*+xml"})
    public class FormatProcessor implements DecoratorProcessor<Marshaller, Format>
       public Marshaller decorate(Marshaller target, Format annotation,
                                  Class type, Annotation annotations, MediaType mediaType)
             return target;
          catch (Exception ex)
             throw new RuntimeException(ex);


    3.  Modified my Resource class to use the above declared annoation

    /*  @POST
        public Customer createCustomer(Customer customer) {



    I am deploying this to  Oc4j Server. Server Starts up normally ..but the framework does not recognize the annoation when it invokes the Resource.

    Please let me know a way. to solve this.

    Sure this is not a Bug ,As the @Formatted annoation works really good.