Rescuecore / News: Recent posts

Version 1.2 released

This version involves a substantial redesign of the architecture. The new, more general design allows for the development of simulators and viewers. Each component (agent, viewer, simulator) now runs in its own thread with its own connection to the kernel.

Posted by Cameron Skinner 2004-04-27

Version 1.0

Version 1.0 of rescuecore has been released. This release contains tools for calculating scores from log files, generating random maps and gisini.txt files, and for running and killing all simulator processes, as well as the main classes used for developing robocup rescue simulation agents.

Posted by Cameron Skinner 2003-10-02

Random Map Generator

The package has been added, along with a PDF document describing how to use it. The PDF doesn't seem to work very well with ghostview, but Acrobat Reader will read it fine (hopefully).

Posted by Cameron Skinner 2003-09-03

First release

The first public release of rescuecore has been made! This is a rough-and-ready release - documentation is poor/non-existant and no-one has written a HOWTO, but some sample agents will be released any day now.

Posted by Cameron Skinner 2003-08-23