#3 OpenSCAD huxley files


I am trying to reuse and tweak the x_carriage files (3 pieces), to fit a wade extruder on it. Although moving and scaling the published STL files works sort of, I have found that the side of the carriage assembly that has 6 ball bearings seems to be laid out to widely for 6mm rods. 8mm does snuggly fits

Taking up the effort to fix this issue I loaded the x_carriage.scad file into Openscad and hitting the compile button leads to all sorts of errors, pointing to files missing

Parsing design (AST generation)...
WARNING: Can't open input file `settings.scad'.
WARNING: Can't open library file `/usr/share/openscad/libraries/hardware.scad'.
WARNING: Failed to compile library `/usr/share/openscad/libraries/hardware.scad'.
Compiling design (CSG Tree generation)...

Is there an easy way to resolve finding the settings.scad and hardware.scad files?


  • Found a solution to compile things

    1 move up the file up into the parent dir of Original-files
    2 in the file replace the include and use by
    include <parameters.scad>;
    use <library.scad>;

    Surprisingly the results for the carriage.scad and x-*.scad files don't produce matching versions of the STL files (x-carriage-lower-left_1off.stl, x-carriage-lower-right_1off.stl and x-carriage-upper_1off.stl).