#2 MPG push, as well as PULL


I'd like to see the following:

Get on usenet group and download an MPG. Open it up
in a utility and add the clip to my Video Server
(ReplayPC) to be able to watch it on my ReplayTV

Can it be done?


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    I am personally interrested in buying a ReplayTV so I can't
    say if it can or cannot be done. but an educated guess tells
    me that it cannot be done (at least as u put it).

    MPG regroups a number of different encoding technics among
    with you find two different categories -> streaming and block.

    your DVD movie is block encoded where as your digital
    satellite TV signal is stream coded, the ReplayTV uses the
    later. These coding technics are not to my knowledge
    compatible (note I could be wrong....).so you wouldn't be able
    to take any MPG file and expect it to work on your ReplayTV
    (note that these files on the net aren't always the same
    format theyr pixel size may vary)

    But if you find an MPG file encoded with a ReplayTV then I
    don't see why it shouldn't work (just as advertised on theyr
    web site.....)