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#1 The Future


Hi. Great tool.

I am beginning to question the need for a Replay unit
at all.

Maybe you could aim ReplayPC toward taking over
ALL the FUNCTIONS of a Replay box, rather than
serving up video for them. This would allow us to
upgrade the drives in our units and sell them for a
handsome margin on EBay, and enjoy the benefits of
Replay on our PeeCee (TVEngine?).

I don't expect commercial-skip, but it might not be too
hard to hook it into an IR interface on the second
serial port, and maybe an IRblaster (for the cable/sat
box) on the third?

Just suggestions. Great work dude.


  • Randy Saunders
    Randy Saunders

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    I think you've missed out on why you bought a ReplayTV. The
    box does real-time encoding of a video stream tuned from RF
    or via analog video. This is not a software function, this is
    done in some special purpose hardware. Nobody has proposed
    taking this project into the custom hardware business, and I
    think there are several patents we run into if we considered it.

    If you want to make your $2K PC do what a $1K ReplayTV can
    do you need to check out TV/Video => DV Firewire boxes. You
    might look at http://www.formac.com/ (usual disclaimers apply).

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    Personally I think you can already find these kinda features in
    a high-end PC today.

    take 1 big 2+ GHz CPU with RDRAM or DDR
    1 SVGA video card with S-video output
    1 TV-Card (live recording sotfware inculded in general..
    TVEngine as u put it) or Sat-Card (for satellite reception)
    1 BIG HD
    1 DVD-burner if you are into recording
    1 ethernet card (or Giga-ethernet or WIFI) for networking
    plus the ir remote (provided by the TV-Card)

    and voila a state of the art ReplayTV
    but then it's a bit bulky. and pricy but if you got the money
    and can stand having your noisy, ugly PC next to your 16/9
    large screen TV please do.