Hi Jerry,

thanks a lot for the support so far and of course i will write to the list the changes. unfortunately, it doesn't work yet. i did all the steps described but when i add the new repast-jar file to my model i get a

URLClassLoader$1.run() line: not available

it looks like the package cern.jet.random.engine.RandomEngine is not reachable. are there some classes missing? btw. i had to remove the ESRI geo packages from the repast source because they were missing a ESRI lib which was not included in the repast src, but that should not effect the new version of my repast jar, shouldn't it?

i already tried to put the manifest file from the original version instead of the auto-generated... no effect.

any suggestions?
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Vos, Jerry R. wrote:
*>* Thomas Kurz <thomas.kurz@fh-salzburg.ac.at> said:

This message is a consequence of another thread about mouse listeners but
it is a different topic so i post it as a new thread (btw, thanks jerry
for the fast answer).

No problem.

I want to modify some of the repast code and make a customized repast jar.
is there a how-to for recompiling the whole repast jar or could you help
me in doing so?
There isn't one, but check the bottom of the email for something I just wrote up.

I am not sure if compiling the whole thing is necessary -
i suppose not - but i am interested in doing both, a compilation of
certain classes and also the whole project. i am currently using eclipse
3.1 with java 1.4.x and 1.5 but command line is also ok.

In eclipse it's relatively straightforward to compile Repast (this's what is used here to develop Repast). You don't need to recompile everything, but to avoid any versioning issues you may as well.

One way to compile Repast (in eclipse) is to
* create a new java project in eclipse
->name it whatever you want
->Create it in the workspace
->It doesn't matter if you use 5.0 compliance or not, as long as you're recompiling everything
* Now import the Repast sources into your project (right click on the project and hit import, then pick "File system", navigate to the repast source directory, select the repast sources)
* Now add all the libraries in the repastInstall/lib directory to your project (right click on the project, hit properties, go to "Java Build Path" then "Libraries", then "Add External JARs...").  Do not add repast.jar as a library.

Now the project should compile without errors.  If not try and play around with it, I didn't go through the whole process.

If you need more help ask again, but I think this should work. You then can edit any of the repast sources you want.

To generate a jar file that you can include in another project you:
* Right click on the project and hit "Export"
* Choose "JAR file"
* Select the project and all the classes
* Pick a name for the jar (under "JAR File: " [               ] [Browse...])
* Hit finish

Hope that helps,

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