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Feature requests

  • Dave Mommers
    Dave Mommers

    First,.thank you for continuing this nice project, I'm a huge fan of REOBack.

    Some feature requests.

    Posibility of a secure ssh connection next to ftp.
    Second, a way to cut-up large backup files to multiple smaller files (eg for easy burning backups on cd or dvd)

    Let me know what you think about the above.

    Best Regards

    • Dave Mommers
      Dave Mommers

      Oops,.forgot one.

      Maybe a mysqldump feature integrated into REO would come in handy.

    • Andy Swanner
      Andy Swanner

      We have included ssh in the current cvs tree.. I have some changes I hope to put into cvs this weekend.. I will look into adding mysql backups to reoback.. Keep watching we should have a release after we have made some more progress..


    • ovizii

      I have another idea regarding mysql backup...

      before switching to reoback I was using ftplicity which is a combination of duplicity, ftp, and gpg but I ran into problems. this tool had a nice pre and post conf setting, so I used a mysql dump script, that did dumps of all my DBs in the pre section and in the post sections I deleted all those dumps (after the backup was done :-)