#76 Toolbar missing; profile specific?

Hugh Brennan

I have installed the latest version of Remote Calendars in the following order:

2)VSTOR (shutdown/restart)
3)Remote Calendar v6.3

(This is a Windows XP SP3 Dell laptop with all the latest patches)

When I am logged in as Administrator, I open Outlook 2003 and the Remote Calendar toolbar appears. I am able to subscribe to a Remote Calendar, etc...Works great!

Then I log out as Administrator and log in as a user. The user has the same rights as the Administrator. I open Outlook and the Remote Calendar Toolbar doesn't load at all.

I also noticed the following:

The folder named "assembly" is missing from "C:\Documents and Settings\joeuser\Local Settings\Application Data\" when I am logged in as joeuser

The other folder that is missing is "C:\Documents and Settings\joeuser\Application Data\RemoteCalendars"
when I am logged in joeuser.

It should be noted that these folders are present when logged in as Administrator and they appear if I log in as someone other than joeuser.

I am leaning towards this be an issue specific to the profile for joeuser. If I rename the profile from joeuser to joeuser.old, and log in again as joeuser, I will create a new profile for Joeuser.

Will this fix the issue or is there another workaround?