#59 RemoteCalendar Status Window



I have my iCalendar on my internal office network, which is not accessible from the Internet. I also have my RemoteCalendar setup to automatically update.

When I am not on my internal office network, or if our iCalendar server is down, my Outlook hangs on startup until the RemoteCalendar Status Window times out, since it can't connect. This window pops up every 15 minutes in front of whatever program I am using and I can't clear it.

I noticed that there is a "Check for Internet Connection" option, however, this won't fix my problem since I have an Internet connection, but no connection to my internal server.

Also, could it be possible to have one or more of the following solutions;
- an option to not display the status window
- an option to not check for updates on startup
- a toolbar button to disable automatic updates
- ensure a failed connection does not cause Outlook to wait for the timeout

Thanks very much.


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    To underline the author's described situations:
    Exactly the same applies to me!

    For the first step it would be sufficient to not display those "Timeout"-dialogs (I have to close them all the time..), but automatically skip non working connection attempts.