• Slim

    Hello all;

    I'm new to this program and have just installed Version 5.81 of the program into my Outlook 2003 / XP SP2. I tried to install version 5.82, the Installation worked well, but in Outlook there was no toolbar to see.In the "problem solving section" in the guide does'nt help me solving the problem.

    But anyway, my difficulty is in the Event-ID;

    I have apache server installed with support for webdav. People can subcribe to get their calendar from data  stored in my Database and that works well with Remote Calendars, But when I add a Event in Outlook and want to publish it, The Events in the Calendar have all the same ID "1" and the new Events wo'nt be stored in the Database.

    So My Question Are;

    - Can you help me with this Problem and tell me which classes I have to modify,
    so that the Events have different ID's ?

    - Is it possible, that RC update the Database on the Server automatically, if I add an Event to Outlook-Remote Calendar?

    I'm also ready to work with you "The Developers" to extend the ability of RC.


    Slim (sorry for my bad English)