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What the...

  • dude

    While trying to find out why the runtime fails authentication, I found the following..
    This has to be wrong, so I must be doing somethign very wrong..

    a) The RC does not seem to use the Googel SDK, i.e if code the request and response rather than using the SDK query..

    As a result, RC is not adding in the logon Token, it is simply adding in the network credential to the uath field of the request..
    Googgle with the SDK now always replace the network credential with their Auth token, it is built into the basic request processing.
    Hence thsy never use a "standard" auth..

    All of this means that RC will always fail authentication as the token is never added by RC...

    This seems so basis that I must be missing something fundermental..

    PS: I am using the source ( as best one can) within the zip file ( see other thread on this )..

    • Daniele Tiles
      Daniele Tiles

      there are a few problems concering Google Calendars syncing as it was original developed:
      -since I hadn't enough time to develop a complete system based on their XML, I went through a dirty way: I downloaded the iCalendar, parsed the events, saved their google reference, and then inserted (it was also needed for the recurrence pattern, which uses the default iCalendar standard), so it could work as another iCalendar synced (somehow). That's way I kept telling people "Please wait, it's slow, I know, it needs major refactoring". Therefore, in reading was only asked to access to the iCalendar URL, and then to the XML url...check the OutlookEmitter.cs
      -As you can see from the latest version, RC still uses a very old version of Google Calendar API, so I believe you'll get some differences with the latest version. With some time, I'll have time to upgrade and refactor this service...