Don't waste your time

  • Gamma1_G

    Horrible software! Don't waste your time.

    I was trying to get 2-way sync to work between Outlook and Google. Does this or does this not WORK?

    Instructions on web do not work:

    From FAQ:

    Google Calendar. I STRONGLY suggest to follow the Grinn Productions Guide, which is really beautiful :). Instead, for publishing from Outlook to Google Calendar, you just need to check "It's a Google Calendar Url" when publishing, and you're (almost) done (just waiting for better Google API). Remember to read the README.txt in the .zip file! If you:

       1. Subscribe you Google iCalendar in a folder, by checking "It's my Google Calendar and I want to sync both ways"
       2. Choose to publish to the Google Calendar (a correct url for publishing is<your gmail account>/private/full ) both the folder you subscribed your iCalendar and the Google Calendar you subscribed

    And you' ll have a 2-way sync between Outlook and Google Calendar!!

    These instructions do not work!

    • Daniele Tiles
      Daniele Tiles

      Actually, I do sync my Google Calendar.
      As I said many times on this forum, I need time to update the Google Calendar APIs. Unfortunately, right now I have other priorities (University has to be finished), and I can't keep working on something FREE full time.
      Wanna help improving? Maybe, if you could describe me your proble, we could solve it (as many times has happened on this forum).

    • stefanerbe
      2007-10-15 trying several days, reading all i find to this software, i´m thinking in the same way. I received nearly all errors which are included by trying all suggestions, i found here and on the web. i never have the result at any time, that the two way sync was succesful.

      ok. the tool looks great and if it will work, it will be a great solution.But now it is always beta.

      always i get different errors without changing anything. The publishing part doesn´t run and ends with a timeout error. the error log shows nothing whats going wrong on it.

      One way sync works fine.

      Does anybody solve this timeout error?!

      • Daniele Tiles
        Daniele Tiles

        I know that it's always in beta, but unfortunately at the moment I can't do anything more...
        I'm planning in the next future (after March, finally, I'll have some time free) to completely refactor this feature, by changing the way it works...
        Unfortunately, this takes time which at the moment I haven't got it...
        RemoteCalendars was at first developed for normal iCalendars, and then I add support to Google Calendar...but since the lack of time, I tried to make it work as an iCalendar, and not a Google calendar (that's the mistake).

        What I'm planning is to extend RC in order to work with Google Calendar, and 30Boxes not as iCalendars, but as different Calendar's something that will be great, but this means that I cannot keep Google Calendar working in this way, so there is no justification on supporting in this way...
        So, please be patient...RC will be back with 2 way sync :)

    • Ryan Henson
      Ryan Henson

      While the software is rather wonky right now for our purposes I see a lot of potential in this project.  I am a system administrator for a small business and I am looking into ways to move away from the traditional outlook/exchange scenario as a means to cut costs. 

      Now that Google is providing IMAP support there is an opportunity for RemoteCalendars to fill a necessary gap in my plan.  Google Apps can provide email support with IMAP for the company as well as ensure disaster recovery and high availability, but there is no free way to sync my users calendar from Outlook to Google.  Calendars are a critical part of our collaboration which means without that support I can't make the move to Google that I want to.

      So I believe that if you can provide for this needed extension to Google's services you will be opening yourself up to a lot more people using this software.  Since Google has released IMAP support, that makes this the perfect time to make that happen.  I totally understand the University crunch though as I just finished my Master's recently, but looking at your summary page you have 22 developers on this project and must be able to organize something with them to make this work.

      Best of luck in your schooling!