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#117 My most important data lost.


I was able to download my calendar and after getting the info I went to do the two way sync. After setting this up and uploading to Google everything but the "What" was deleted and in place of the "description", you put the info for the "What" in its place.

I've now lost all of the information that really meant something to me in the calendar. I had addresses, phone numbers, and the description of the work I've done.

It's all gone.

This application (Remote Calendars) should be pulled from download until you work out your problems with it and Google. I'm not a coder, and have tremendous respect for those who are, but this is terrible. I will have to go to my clients and explain what happened and try to recover all the lost data. This will be a terrible waste of my time.

I'm currently using Windows XP Sp2 and Office 2007 and all updates.

I followed your instructions exactly.

At least from now on, I'll be smarter and copy EVERYTHING I do to another calendar. I'll also pay more attention to the bugs that are listed on SF. What a waste of time.


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    your most important data - and it wasn't backed up?

    Be Smarter and back up EVERYTHING you do