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Backup of user data

  • Norm

    Hi Wiljen,

    Man I sure hope you got some help with this project, it's huge, and Awesome! I've been playing with it for a couple of days now and it's working great for me. I just have one question...

    I have XP with MS Access and I keep getting a failure message when I try to back up the program. Is there something I need to do first like set up a file/destination? Or how do I back up the data now that I've gotten it all entered.

  • Wiljen

    it should automatically create the backup folder under the main directory.  You could try creating that folder as Vista security may play havoc with it.



    Thanks for all the countless months of your efforts,  great program.  & I have it working on XP Professional with Access 2003.  I have added close to 600 of my loads and the lead loads included at this site.  All manuals and targets are accessable and all is working great.  But I can't seem to backup.  the Macro creates an empty Backup directory but I get the following Error. 

    Action Failed, 
    Macro Name: Backup
    Condition: True
    Action Name: RunCode
    Arguments; Compact ()

    How Can I Correct this so that I don't lose any added information?   Any help you can give is greatly appreciated.


    Got it working.  Ran the Backup module code seperately in Access to create backup files in the backup directry.  Now the macro recognizes the existing files and overwrites them. 

  • Joe Cilinceon
    Joe Cilinceon

    I found a name problem in the Backup macro on my version which is RRv9.mdb but the first backup called for a file named RRv6.mdb which cause the first file to fail hence the rest. I changed it in mine and works fine now. I also fixed the primer link manually using Access XP on Win 7 system, as I still can not get the link tables fix to work. That one is a bit above my abilities with Access.

  • Henry Sherwood
    Henry Sherwood

    Question, I have down loaded and accessed the files, (thank You) for your work. I tried to sort the information and apparently sorting is disabled, suggestions ?
    Thank You