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Relay IRC / News: Recent posts

Relay-IRC April 8, 2001 snapshot release is available

The latest snapshot includes even more bug fixes, more minor enhancements and the new Jython 2.0 Python intepreter.

Posted by David M. Johnson 2001-04-09

Relay-IRC March 31, 2001 snapshot release is available

The new 'snapshot' release includes bug fixes, minor enhancements and a new Ant-based build process. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

Posted by David M. Johnson 2001-03-31

Relay-IRC bug fixes are underway

Thanks for all of the bug reports. I'm working my way through the bug list and hope to have a final 0.8.1 release in the next couple of weeks.

Posted by David M. Johnson 2001-03-26

Relay IRC needs your assistance

Over 1000 people downloaded the Relay-JFC 0.8 release from SourceForge, but only two people have reported any problems. The bugs are out there folks, so please do your part by submitting bug reports to our bug database or by e-mailing them to snoopdave at

Posted by David M. Johnson 2000-03-27

Applet support in the works

The Relay-JFC 0.81 is nearing completion. The release will be a developer's release so it will not include installers. It will include some form of Java 1.1 compatible applet support, property dialogs for users, channels and servers and other misc. enhancements.

Posted by David M. Johnson 2000-03-27

Relay-JFC 0.8 IRC client now available

Relay-JFC 0.8 is now available at The Relay-JFC 0.8 source-code release includes new API documentation and an example that shows how to program with the Relay IRC classes. Also incuded are minor feature enhancements, bug fixes and (most likely) a couple new bugs.

Posted by David M. Johnson 2000-01-24

Relay-IRC 0.8 on the way

As soon as I can package things up, I'll be posting Relay-IRC 0.8 release.

Posted by David M. Johnson 2000-01-12