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Read Me

/* --------------------------------------------------------------------
RelaXXPlayer - the easy listening MPD - Web Client

Version: 0.70 Aug - 2010

Copyright (C) 2009  Dirk Hoeschen

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program.  If not, see <"">.

// About MPD and RelaXXP   //

Music Player Daemon is a soundserver (MP3,OGG WAV) for Linux. MPD is
fast and easy to configure. The daemon is controlled by a set of commands 
over TCPIP. So MPD can even stream sound over the Internet.
Meanwhile there are dozens of Clients for MPD. Some are plugins, some
are graphical clients, some are web-based. Because I found, that non of
the web-based clients are useful, I decided to make my own player.
The first result is RelaXXPlayer.
RelaXXPlayer has the following specifications:
* Massive use of asynchronous http-calls (AJAX) and javascript
* Easy and fast interface with maximum oversight
* Custom skins and multiple languages
* Accessible from all computers in the network

RelaXXPlayer is compatible with
   Firefox > 1.5 * IE > 6 * Opera > 9 * Safari > 3.04

!!! Opera users must press ALT-RMB to view the context menues

// Usage of the Web Client //

1: Install RelaXXP (see INSTALL.TXT)
2: Open player in browser (http://<your-server>/relaxx)
3: Use mouse or keyboard to control the player.

The interface is as structured and simple as possible.
You see a layout with 3 regions. The 3 main regions (parts) are resizable.
1: The current PLAYLIST.
2: The DIRECTORY with foldertree-, search-, and playlist-tab.
3: The TRACKLIST listing folder- and playlist-content or searchresult.
If the mousepointer is over PLAYLIST or TRACKLIST-table you can open a 
context-sensitive MENU with the right mousebutton.
* A doubleclick on a track in the TRACKLIST-table adds the entry to the playlist.
* A doubleclick on a track in the PLAYLIST-table plays that song.
* Shift and mouseclick selects a range between two rows.

Most of the commands are accessible by keyboard for your comfort.
 [1] = play previous track
 [2] = toggle (Pause/PLAY)
 [3] = play next track
 [q] = decrease volume by 5
 [w] = increase volume by 5

Some of the key-commands are also context-sensitive and only available,
if the mousepointer highlights a track over the PLAYLIST or TRACKLIST-table.
 [s,a,Strg+a] = select all entries in the PLAYLIST or TRACKLIST
 [d,ESC] = deselect select all entries in the PLAYLIST or TRACKLIST
 [i] = show filename with path
 [a] = add internet radio stream to the playlist (URL)
 [b] = play file or strem in local browser unsing a flash applet (eperimental)
 [space] = append all selected tracks to the PLAYLIST
 Playlist only:
 [DEL] = remove selected/hovered - track(s)
 [up] = move the track UP in playlist
 [down] = move the track DOWN in playlist
 [o] = remove old entries 
 [c] = clear playlist and stop playing
 [n] = save current playlist

<"Drag and Drop">
Drag and drop is enabled Since 0.5b.
Selected songs can be dragged from TRACKLIST to PLAYLIST. 
The PLAYLIST can be sorted by dragging a song from
one position to another.

<"Configuring RelaXX">
The initial username is: 'admin'
The initial password is empty;
For further information's look into "INSTALL.TXT".

// Recommendations / Help  //

If you have recommendations, bugs, templates 
or new language translations, please send em to me.

home: ""
updates: ""

MPD-Website: ""
MPD-Wiki: ""

/* realXXPlayer uses external tools and libraries */
RelaXX uses one of the most powerful and sophisticated Javascript-library called "MOOTOOLS",
to handle effects and the access to objects, classes and http-requests. At the server-side, 
it uses the library MPD::PHP to communicate with MPD.

Mootools-Website: ""

// Credits				   //

Thanks to the following people.

Eric van der Sanden : Dutch language file
Matthieu Simon: French language file
Roman Verbitskiy: Russian language file
Edward Who: Chinese language filename