#6 Help installing REXX on Solaris

Mark Hessling

I am sorry that this will be long-winded, but I am
trying to give as much information as possible in
order to gain the needed assistance.

I am using a SUN workstation that is Running
Solaris 2.8. I have not had any luck installing the
REXX program. I am trying to install the program in
a folder titled 'rexx' in my login directory
(/users/myloginid/rexx/) because I do not have
write access to the default (/usr/local/) directory.

I have downloaded the compressed files 'Regina-
REXX-3.0.tar.gz' and 'Regina-REXX-3.0-sparc-sun-
solaris2.8.tgz'. When I extract these files, they
create folders in my /user/myloginid/rexx/
directory (which I don't think is the problem).

I have tried extracting only the 'Regina-REXX-
3.0.tar.gz' file (the source code - I think). There is
a readme file titled INSTALL that says to install the
program, run the 'configure' script and
then 'make'. I can run the 'configure' script, but
there is no 'make' file to run. I have tried to use the
prefix argument when running 'configure'
(configure --prefix=/users/myloginid/rexx), and
was still unsuccessful. This was also the case
when I extracted both compressed files.

I also tried extracting only the 'Regina-REXX-3.0-
sparc-sun-solaris2.8.tgz' file. There is a readme
file that says to include the directory where the
shared libraries reside to the LD_LIBRARYN32_PATH
environmental variable. I do not know how this is
done, or which library path it needs (the one I just
tried to install or the /usr/local/lib/ directory
where other libraries on the computer are).

I am thoroughly confused with the installation
process of this software. Any assistance would be
greatly appreciated. Thank you.


  • Mark Hessling
    Mark Hessling

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