Regina development tools?

Pete Moss
  • Pete Moss
    Pete Moss

    I need to find a new Rexx interpreter. I have been using Quercus Rexx for many years. It works just fine, but there is no support, no development, very limited GUI tools, and no development tools.

    I tried Reginald awhile back because of the IDE and the GUI tools. The IDE is pretty good, but very buggy and the support is spotty.

    I see that Regina does have a GUI package, but I did not see anything about development tools. Are there any debugging aids other than the Trace statement? I would like something like the IDE that comes with Visual Studio.

    • jonradio

      You mention the Trace statement, but you may not be aware of the Interactive mode it provides by preceding an option with a Question Mark "?".  This allows you to type in say and other statements to see what you want.

      Using Notepad++ and associating the .rexx and .rex extensions to Regina, I find I have a very "fast" debug environment.