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#374 "s missing from command line invocation

Mark Hessling
Jerry Senowitz

I am having a problem with Regina when I invoke a procedure via the command/cmd line. My operating environment is Windows XP 32 bit (SP3). The program is as follows (call this t.rx):
/* */
parse arg parms
say parms

If I enter 't "file name" 3 4 5' (without the single quotes) at the command line, Regina's say returns the parms without the "s, i.e. file name 3 4 5 I have no way to distinguish between 1st and 2nd parameter without some form of encapsulation. Have tried this scenario in command/cmd line .BAT file and ooRexx and both preserve the "s when passed to the program.


  • Achim Lauer
    Achim Lauer

    This is kind of a problem at Regina since ever.
    You can circumvent it by always replacing each doublequote character by three ones when calling a REXX program.

    Good luck,
    Achim Lauer (alauer)