Would multiple key selection be possible

  • I've always thought some of the graphical widgets should have more features similiar to that of the tree browser in explorer?



  • Oh, there are messages in these wacky forums on sourceforge :).
    I hope that my reply is not too late.
    The development of regedt33 has been frozen several years ago, right now I only can release only minor features and critical bug fixes.
    Even injecting an existing third party tree view control would take a lot of effort so unless we miraculously get a new developer there's no chance for the feature you want.

  • Orvid

    Well you might just have gotten a new developer :P As this thing just saved my vm. How you may ask? Quite simple, my VM HATES message boxes, especially the type that the standard regedit uses. about 3 of those and the vm freezes(with my mouse and keyboard still in it), forcing me to restart the entire server. The vm LOVES this thing, no freezing! I had added the wrong item to the right click context menu and it was refusing to open any folder, so i had to get into the registry to remove it. Thanks to this I was able to. HUZZAH FOR FREE SOFTWARE!!!


  • Anonymous

    > Well you might just have gotten a new developer :P
    Have you seen the code ? 8-)