#2 Replace bug

Vista (1)
Jordi March

Replace do nothing. It appears a message that the string is replaced, and finally it says the number of replacement made. But no replacement has been made. I use Windows 7.


  • Hi!
    This is probably due to new access checks introduced in windows vista/7.

    Try creating shortcut on your desktop to regedt33 then right-click it and choose "Run as administrator" option there.

    Please write here if it helps, then I'll address this issue in a new release.

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  • Kyle McKnight
    Kyle McKnight

    It appears that any key with the name (Default) isn't replaced. THey aren't even seen in the application at all. When I navigate to any key like that I can't even see it.

  • Kyle McKnight
    Kyle McKnight

    Actually there seem to be a LOT of stuff it doesn't pick up and see

  • Well, these '(Default)' values do not exist in registry, it is only that Windows Regedit shows them for some strange reason.
    When you assign something to '(Default)' you'll see an empty-named value in regedt33, which is what actually stored in registry.

  • Exactly. (Default) is the empty string (""). In Windows Vista or later, when a key is created, the corresponding value list has no values.

    For user convenience, regedit displays a "(Default)" value, even if there is no value entry for it in the key. The data string is shown as (value not set) when there is no "" value entry. If a value is set, (Default) always has a zero-terminated Unicode string value (REG_SZ).