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Refrax / News: Recent posts

Windows ZIP Archive Fixed

Somehow the Windows ZIP archive became corrupted. If you've previously downloaded it and dound it didn't work, try it now!

Posted by Jason L. Hutchens 2003-08-20

BeOS Version Released

Thanks to Shard. Requires LibPak, which includes the SDL runtime libraries, available from http://www.bebits.com/app/3322.

Posted by Jason L. Hutchens 2003-07-06

OSX Version Released

Thanks to Ross Jones for building Refrax for Mac OSX! Now we just need a BeOS version, an AmigaOS version, etc, etc.

Posted by Jason L. Hutchens 2003-06-24

Refrax v1.0 Released

Public-domain blaster inspired by the pause mode of Jeff Minter's Iridis Alpha. Insane gameplay on both Linux and Windows. Enjoy!

Posted by Jason L. Hutchens 2003-06-22

Alpha Imminent

After a long hiatus, the alpha release of Refrax is imminent. Expect to see something Real Soon (R). Definitely June 2003.

Posted by Jason L. Hutchens 2003-06-05