#112 NOTHING happens!

Jon Roberts

Help please. I am (comparatively) a Mac noob and am having a big problem. I have a 2011 MacBook Pro 17" and it has been working perfectly using rEFIt booting between Windows 7 and OSX Lion no problem for weeks. Last night when I was finished using Lion and knew I would need to be on Windows in the morning I used System Preferences to set the startup disk to my Windows partition and asked it to reboot... but as it was late and I couldnt be bothered to wait for Windows to startup and then shut it down again I just waited for OSX to close and then hit the power button to turn the machine off.
This morning I turned back on expecting it to boot into Windows as normal... but nothing happens. Literally. The power light flickers and I see the screen go from off to on but still black (if you know what I mean), I get the apple boot note/tone thing and that's it. I have tried holding OPTION, and various other combos I have seen listed online but none of them do anything and nothing AT ALL happens on the screen.
Any ideas?