#100 rEFIt wont load OS X, returns boot.efi error


After installing refit and windows, rEFIt simply refuses to boot os x.

It says something about boot.efi not being found and "Error: Not found". It would be awesome if there's a way for me to skip the rEFIt part of the boot and jump directly in to OS X, so I atleast can recover all the files that I will loose from a reinstallation of OS X....


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  • Joe van Tunen
    Joe van Tunen

    Use the Startup Disk app on the Mac OS X Installer DVD to rebless Mac OS X on your drive.

    If your hard disk has a Recovery HD partition (Mac OS Lion), then hold down option key during startup and select Recovery HD.

    Try holding the option key anyway.

    I'm not sure what would cause the error you see. Your Mac OS X won't boot if it doesn't have a boot.efi. Can you tell which part of the boot sequence is responsible for displaying the "Error: Not found" message? I can't find that message in the rEFIt code. Is that an exact quote? Is there more to it?