#76 Mouse support


For ease-of-use, would it be possible to add mouse support? I have seen similar set-ups that have mouse support, so it must be possible. The University I go to has a great little set-up for student workstations that they created themselves. It has just a Windows Logo and a Mac OS logo - a nice clean, simple interface. Theirs has mouse support. It works great.


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    This is certainly feasible. EFI supports the mouse, Apple's firmware provides drivers, and has mouse support in the built-in boot menu. It's not a small feat, though, and will have to go with a major rewrite of rEFIt's graphics and menu functions. I'm changing the priority and targeting accordingly.

    Note that the boot selector you've seen may be running from within Mac OS X, hooked into the system to run before the regular login window. Such a selector is quite straightforward to write, and mouse support is automatic since it's running under a full-blown operating system.

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