#162 Port GPT fdisk to (U)EFI


I came across rEFIt just recently and congrats for such a wonderful software. Please support Non-Mac UEFI systems also. I could not find any use of rEFIt for non-mac uefi systems except gptsync. Please provide non-fat binaries of refit for use in non-mac systems. I use tianocore.sourceforge.net EDK DUET firmware (UEFI64 build) which is a UEFI 2.1 x86_64 firmware booting from a 1GB FAT32 USB pendrive. These firmware do not support FAT binaries.

In the download links in the rEFIt page, mention clearly which are FAT binaries and which are not. Since non-FAT binaries are used in non-mac systems, the tar.gz package may include non-fat binaries while the dmg image has fat binaries.

I also have one more request :- Please port GPT fdisk http://rodsbooks.com/gdisk/ to UEFI. I contacted the author of this software Rod Smith about this, but he was unable to do it as hey does not know anything about EFI apps and also does not have a working UEFI system to test the apps (EDK DUET failed to boot in his system). You guys may contact the author and help him port this software to UEFI. And please do it upstream, not specific to rEFIt. Thank you.