#107 Enable Local NetBooting


I am very interested in an addition to rEFIt that will allow one to trick the Apple loader into loading a local image file (by through tricking NetBoot). This would allow for LiveUSB and LiveDVD style disks, all running with rEFIt. I plan on looking into this myself, and maybe build off of your source to include this feature.


  • I'm not sure what you really want to do here. You can already make bootable CDs/DVDs; in fact any bootable CD that works on a standard PC should work on a Mac. Can you explain in some more depth what you mean by local NetBoot, or which operating systems or file system types you're talking about?

  • Thanks for commenting. So the Apple network boot protocol can load an operating system into ram from a disk image (.dmg) from an NFS server (or some others). This requires the kernel to be present and the kext extensions in the root of a some directory from which you boot, and then the image somewhere on the network. It would be nice to be able to load a local image (by local I mean on a USB or DVD) to have a Mac OS X live distribution.

  • Why would you need an image? Mac OS X can boot directly from USB and CD/DVD.

    In any case, I know basically nothing about NetBoot, and don't have the time to code up my own NFS server or stuff like that. If you want to work on this yourself, let me know so we can talk about ways to integrate it with rEFIt.