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#62 Syncing partition tables breaks diskutil


I installed the latest rEFIt with a clean install of 10.5.2, which I had formatted into three partitions with diskutil (JHFS+, ZFS, JHFS+) on my Santa Rosa Macbook Pro 15" 2.4Ghz C2D

When I used the partition tool in rEFIt to make my MBR table, which until then only showed the EFI partition, it worked but back in Mac OS X whenever I use 'diskutil list' it will say:

Ge64:~ Ge64$ diskutil list
0: GUID_partition_scheme *149.1 Gi disk0

DiskManagement setuid-tool failure
Ge64:~ Ge64$

I've done this twice and completely re-wiped my drive to start over after this happened but now it happened again, exactly the same situation. I have used rEFIt on this macbook succesfully before to triple boot and had no problems at all.

Disk Utility will also 'lose it's connection to the disk manager' whenever I try to erase a partition on the disk.


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    The "setuid-tool failure" sounds like a problem with your Mac OS X installation, not necessarily with the partition table. Have you tried a "Repair Permissions" run? Note that you can boot from the Mac OS X install DVD and run Disk Utility from there, which should give you a known good version.

    Please let me know if that resolved the problem for you or not. I'm happy to investigate further if it doesn't. In that case, it would be helpful if you could post the partition table report generated by the "Partition Inspector" tool included in the rEFIt distribution.

    BTW, gptsync and Partition Inspector probably don't know about ZFS yet, and gptsync should refuse to touch the disk when it has partitions that it can't identify. So I'd be interested in that Partition Inspector report in any case.

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    I remember the Partition tool in rEFIt displaying the ZFS partition correctly as 'Solaris'. I also tried using the disk utility from the leopard disk the first time it happened, as well as diskutil from the terminal on the leopard disk, both gave the same results.

    I did a repair permissions on my Mac root partition, this was the result:

    Repairing permissions for “Leopard”
    User differs on "System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.5.0/Home/lib/jvm.cfg", should be 0, user is 95.
    User differs on "System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.5.0/Libraries/classlist", should be 0, user is 95.
    ACL found but not expected on "Applications".
    ACL found but not expected on "Library".

    Permissions repair complete

    It wouldn't let me repair permissions for the entire disk. I'll go check now if I can diskutil list after a reboot

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    That was me. I tried all you suggested but the problem still persists. Below is a screenshot of what gptsync says, what is Partition Inspector and how to I run it?

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    Okay, the screenshot provides most of the information I was looking for. (The Partition Inspector tool can be found on the rEFIt disk image, and likely in /Applications/Utilities on your Mac OS X install as well.)

    So, it looks like gptsync is fine with the partition types. I don't know if BF really is the right MBR type to set on such a partition; you may have to ask a Solaris guru for that. Or is that partition intended for Mac OS X use?

    In any case, it appears that Mac OS X diskutil is unhappy about the state of the disk, but I looks just fine and standard-compliant as far as I can tell. So I'm afraid I'm going to blame diskutil for choking on it. :)