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#210 Boot crash after refit enabled or installed


Hello, sorry for my english,

I've a fully functionnal system with refit installed (for choose between Mac and bootcamp partition).
I've netbooted the computer once just for a test.
After refit doesn't display, the computer boot on the Mac partition and stay with the gray apple and the rotating cursor indefenitly.
After a forced restart, the computer boot normally.

But i've try to remove refit, reinstall it, and always : refit doesn't display and the computer block on the the first boot.

WIth cmd-v i saw that the "blocking" appear after this command : "executing fsck_hfs"

I've repair the disk with Utility disk (there was somes errors) but nothing change. refit dosn't want to work again !

Any ideas ? Thanks in advance


  • For information : macmini 2011 / Lion 10.7.1

  • I have experienced the same issue:

    After installing rEFIt on 3 new MBPs using the installer then booting 10.7.2 it will persistently crash when it runs fsck on boot, powercycling will then work until the next time you boot os x.

    On the second boots when it does boot fsck says "Removed 0 orphans / unlinked files and 9 directories"


  • Anonymous

    Same here.
    My installation history:
    1. Installed 10.6 on my Early 2011 MBP 15"
    2. Added 3 partitions - Windows 7, Ubuntu 11.10, Swap
    3. Installed rEFIt.
    4. Everything was working - I could triple boot using rEFIt and use Parallels for either partition (Windows / Ubuntu).
    5. Upgraded to Lion without recovery partition.
    6. Computer stopped booting - verbose mode shows the fsck stuff. Can only boot while using fsck in single user mode and then rebooting. rEFIt never shows even after 10 reboots.

    I've removed rEFIt and can only access Ubuntu through Parallels for the time being.

    Last edit: Anonymous 2013-12-19
  • Joe van Tunen
    Joe van Tunen

    Maybe Lion or Windows or something messed up your partitions. What is the output of fdisk and gpt for your disk?

  • opel fahrer
    opel fahrer

    Same here:
    1. Backuped my old MBP 13'' 10.7.2 Lion, which has a running refit version (upgrading from 10.6 to 10.7 didn't break it!).
    2. Restored the backup on a new virginal MBP 15'' - problem with fsck hang every second boot time.
    3. Tried to mess around with installing/uninstalling/clearing PRAM - no success
    4. refit never shows up, not after manual install nor rebooting X times

    Now I'm going to create a similar hard disk layout on my new MBP, hope that someone will fix the issue soon...

  • mingoto

    I've got the exact same problem. It's reported on SuperUser as well: http://superuser.com/questions/346485

  • Michael Breen
    Michael Breen

    Same issue here: MBP5,5 - only way to resolve the fsck_hfs problem I have been able to find is either reinstall OSX, or restore a clone of the OSX partition. I suspect the underlying partition is being changed/update/replaced in both of these operations. Weird thing is that I had this working to some degree in many different configs last week, during my attempt to get a multi boot setup (OSX, Win7, Linux). I never was able to get things exactly as I wanted, so I kept trying and ended up here. Without using rEFIt, I now have a dual boot system (OSX and W7), with Ubuntu being run using the Win filesystem (Wubi).