#206 Mac Unable to Boot after rEFIt Installation

Derrick Lee

I followed the instruction here
I did a Automatic Installation with the Installer Package.

After restarting two times, the menu isn't up yet.
My Mac won't boot up, It just loads a circle with a slash across forever.

Command + S keeps telling me "Searching for root device", or something along that line.

When I tried to boot from my Installation disc while holding down C.
I went into Disk Utility and my Mac HD was renamed to disk0s2.

I am unable to mount that disk, reinstall mac os, repair the disk or anything else.
My Mac is completely dead now.

I am unable to go into safe mode.
I am VERY sure this happened immediately after I installed rEFIt.


  • Derrick Lee
    Derrick Lee

    • priority: 5 --> 9
  • Joe van Tunen
    Joe van Tunen

    Connect your Mac to another using a FireWire cable and use Fire Wire target disk mode to try diagnosing the problem of your Mac's hard disk there.

    Use the script at http://members.shaw.ca/joevt/dumpvols.sh.zip to list your partition info.

    Compare the GPT and MBR with what you expect to be there.

  • The same thing happened to me too. Fuck, my Mac is a complete brick now! Btw, I can't wire it up to another Mac because I only have one.

  • oh, there's one difference though: I can't even boot from the OS X installation disc. Gets the same result: A circle with a slash

  • Puhh, I fixed it again. Here's what I did:

    From the rEFIt menu, I chose to rewrite the MBR. After that I was able to boot from a CD again, but not from the hard disk. I then booted from the Mac OS installation disk and started Disk Utility.

    In Disk Utility I selected Repair Disk Permissions, and then Repari Disk. After that, Mac OS was booting again.