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#18 Legacy loader LocateDevicePath with rEFIt 0.8 on MacPro



I'm using MacOS X Tiger on a MacPro and i'm trying to install Win XP on an external USB hard drive. After the first reboot requested in the windows text-mode installer, i use rEFIt (from a boot CD) in order to boot my USB disk.
rEFIt gives me the following choice :

- Boot Mac OSX from myHD
- Boot Windows from Partition 1
- Boot Legacy OS from HD
- Boot Legacy OS from HD

If i choose "Boot Windows from Partition 1", the following error appears :

Starting legacy loader
using load options 'USB'
Error : Not Found returned from legacy loader
Error : Not found returned from LocateDevicePath
(i got this line 16x)
Please make sure that you have the latest firmware update installed
* Hit any key to continue*

I can't hit any to continue ; my keyboard doesn't work ... i don't know what's happen


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    Okay, I had a look at the code. You can ignore the message about the firmware update, that's bogus in this case. rEFIt succeeds in loading the legacy loader from the firmware image, the error occurs when it starts that loader.

    This means that your Mac's firmware refuses to boot from your external hard drive. The firmware is made by Apple, so there is nothing rEFIt could do about it. (The firmware also seems to mess up itself in the process, that's why you're getting those LocateDevicePath errors, and probably also the cause for the keyboard problems afterwards.)

    All that said, you should know that a plain Windows XP install won't boot from a USB drive anyway, simply because Windows does not support this out of the box. There are ways to make it work, but they require some fiddling. (The two "Legacy OS from HD" entries are somewhat alerting as well. It could be Windows put parts of its boot code in the wrong place when you installed it on the external drive.)

    I'll try to fix the error messages so it's clearer what's going on, but ultimately there is nothing I could do to make this work.

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    Well, i used in fact a customized Windows XP CD (i followed this procedure : http://www.ngine.de/index.jsp?pageid=4176\). But I already got Windows XP booting from my MacPro and on my external USB hard drive (without using Boot Camp and its partition of 5GB).
    Here is the procedure :

    - Remove all internal hard drive
    - Install Windows on the external USB hard drive
    - Boot on the Windows CD - when the message Hit any key for booting from CD appears, i do nothing -, and after that, i get the windows menu (which is defined in the boot.ini) and Windows starts up !

    But as you can see, the procedure is not easy (i always have to remove my internal hard drive ...). I found on google this link (http://tubeshards.wordpress.com/2006/12/05/install-windows-to-a-macintosh-usb-drive/) which explains how to install Windows on a Macintosh USB Drive with rEFIt and that's why i tried on my MacPro. I don't understand why this procedure can work on a MacBook/MacBook Pro and not on a MacPro.