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#13 Forgets parition?


I have Windows Vista RC2 and Mac OS X installed on my
Intel Imac.

I installed both Haiku and BeOS Max edition (on
separate occasions), to a 2.5" external USB disk with
three partitions on it (all primary). The first one is
an NTFS, second a Fat32 (no operating systems
installed on those just for storage) and the last
partition on the disk is the BeFS partition.

I first installed Haiku, and tried to boot it through
rEFIt as an external disk, and it worked, but it just
got stuck booting. Every time after this, I would try
to boot it again, and Windows Vista (on my internal
disk) would boot up.

Later I reinstalled BeOS Max to the external drive,
booted it with rEFIt, and it booted too, but got stuck
on the networking icon. I shut it off, and the same
thing, I could never boot off of it again, Windows
Vista would always boot, even so I told it to boot off
of the primary active BeFS partition on the USB drive.

Just to verify, I tried booting the USB drive and BeOS
Max in VmWare, and it booted fine, no problems...


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    It seems I have to use 'makebootable' in Vmware on the
    external disks partition every 2nd time I start a BeOS/Haiku
    drive... then it will boot again, albeit, it gets stuck
    booting and the keyboard isn't recognized, so I can't even
    boot into safe mode.