I'm using a Mac Pro 2008, Radeon HD 5870 1GB, Cinema Display 30", rEFInd 0.6.8.

The default text mode is 80 x 25 but I have a 30" screen and would like to use the entire area so I set textmode to 2 in the refind.conf file. I believe this worked a few times but I can't recreate my success.

In the Shell, if I type "mode", I see the following list:

col 80 row 25
col 80 row 50
col 320 row 84

If I try adding textmode 2 to refind.conf to get 320 x 84, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

If it doesn't work, then the screen goes black at startup and I can't do anything except power off the computer. I think one time I was able to boot into OS X but the screen remained black.

Maybe textmode 2 isn't always 320 x 84? Maybe it can be an invalid number at startup? If so, then maybe rEFInd should allow an option to provide two numbers for width and height like this:

"textmode 320 84" so that it can verify that mode.

It might be useful to have an option to change the textmode from within rEFInd itself using an option or a keyboard shortcut.

I can enter the EFI Shell, type "mode 320 84" or "mode 80 50" and then "exit" back to rEFInd and then rEFInd will adjust it's menu layout to those text modes.