menu dump for debugging (or starter custom menu)

  • littlenoodles

    How hard would it be to have refind dump out a menu.txt file that lists all the items that the scanner found in a format compatible with custom menu entries in refind.conf?

    This 'starter' menu could be easily edited into an includable custom menu file. That plus a single config option to disable all scanning could serve nicely in place of some kind of UI for editing the menu within refind. If anything changes, just reinstate scanning and comment out the include file to start over.

  • That would be do-able for EFI boot loaders, but not for BIOS boot loaders (since the latter aren't supported via manual boot stanzas). It would involve writing a lot of new code, though. The code probably wouldn't be too tricky to write, but it would be entirely new, and there'd be a fair amount of it. I'll consider adding such a function, but in terms of my own personal priorities, it gets a pretty low ranking. If somebody else would care to add such code, though, I'd be happy to consider a submission.