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    after 2 Days of trail and error I finally have my Macbook Pro 2010 (1TB HDD) ready with: OSX Windows 7, Windows 8 and Ubuntu. Everything working, thanks to rEFInd.

    Now for the pretty stuff:
    Autodetection recognizes the Systems in following order: Ubuntu, OSX, Windows 7, Windows 8.

    I already flagged OSX as default menu selection ("default_selection 2") but I would love to change the order to OSX, W7, W8, Ubuntu

    Also I would love to give Windows 7 and Windows 8 different Icons, since as Windows they re displayed with the same.

    Is there a way to do that?

    As I read, it is not possible to change the auto detect stuff. I had the idea, to create my own stanzas, and disable auto detection, since there I can choose the order and also assign icons and the description how I want. But I only got my OSX Stanza to work :( I just don't get, what I'm doing wrong since I follow the instructions in the conf file.

    Is there a way to read all out all informations, what auto detect collects and use that information to create my own stanzas?

    Thanks again for the great work!


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  • There's no way to "translate" the auto-detected information into a boot stanza. If you post your non-functioning boot stanza, though, along with a listing of the files in the relevant directories, I or somebody else may be able to point out what's wrong with it.

    Also, it's possible to use the dont_scan_dirs or dont_scan_files options to disable just one EFI boot loader, create a manual stanza for it, and use the scanfor ordering to place them where you like relative to one another.

    Unfortunately, there really isn't any way to customize your Windows icons; they're BIOS-bootable, and rEFInd doesn't yet give you the ability to create manual boot stanzas for them. That said, if you were to install one or both of your Windows versions in EFI mode, you'd get more control. I haven't been following this very closely, but apparently installing Windows 8 in EFI mode is do-able on many Macs. I suggest posting to a Mac forum if you'd like help on this topic.

  • I've done something similar to what you're trying to accomplish:

    First you need to edit the "scanfor" line in refind.conf to only look for the stanza's you've created:

    scanfor manual, optical ## this will only use the custom stanza's you've created and the CD/DVD drive. If you want to be able to boot from a USB stick or external drive, be sure to add external to the line as well.

    Second you need to edit the "dont_scan_dirs" to keep rEFInd from automatically finding the boot loaders on your machine. I run Archlinux, so I used the following:

    dont_scan_dirs EFI/arch_grub ## This keeps rEFInd from finding the boot.efi file

    Third, make sure you have the "scan_all_linux_kernels" line commented out.

    Finally, begin creating your stanza's in the order in which you want them to show up in the rEFInd boot menu. Here's how mine look:

    menuentry ArchLinux {
    icon EFI/refind/icons/os_arch.icns
    volume disk0s2
    loader EFI/arch_grub/boot.efi
    menuentry OS X {
    icon \EFI\refind\icons\os_mac.icns
    volume "OS X boot"
    loader \System\Library\CoreServices\boot.efi

    Hope this helps. Let us know how it turns out.

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