Position of down scroll indicator in text menu is off by one

  • Joe van Tunen
    Joe van Tunen

    Using rEFInd 0.6.8

    If there are more items above then an up arrow appears to the left of the first item. If there are more items below, then a down appear appears after the last line.

    Either the up arrow or the down arrow should be moved up one line. rEFIt has the down arrow to the left of the last item which mirrors the position of the up arrow to the left of the first item.

    Also related to text menu layout, when the user clicks Escape to rescan devices, the menu layout changes so that it allows 18 lines of boot loader choices instead of 16. First, I think the initial number should be 17 - this allows a blank line, a line for the timer, and 2 hint lines. When the timer goes away (because the user pressed an arrow key or Escape) then the number of lines should be readjusted to 18. In any case, the down arrow should appear next to the last line.