Hello all,

Thank you for your previous replies.

I seem to be experiencing something awkward.  I have modified the index.php to give me what I want.  However, when I click on the PDF "Save citation" option I get an error. The string I send to fetchDataFromURL that causes the error is:

"show.php?records=all&submit=Cite&client=inc-refbase-1.0&wrapResults=0&citeOrder=year&without=dups&first_name=Hiren&last_name=D. Patel&citeStyle=Chicago";

Fatal error
: Allowed memory size of 16777216 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 64 bytes) in /var/www/refbase/includes/classes/org/pdf-php/class.pdf.php on line 1324

This does not happen when I change the search string to the following:

"show.php?records=all&submit=Cite&client=inc-refbase-1.0&wrapResults=0&without=dups&first_name=Hiren&last_name=D. Patel&citeStyle=Chicago";

Notice that I removed the citeOrder=year.  Is there some way to fix this such that I can use the citeOrder as well?

-- Hiren