Dear all,

I'm wondering if there is some way around the following:  when I enter a publication, I usually provide author names as done in the author field for BibTeX.  That is, "First1 Last1 and First2 Last2 and First3 and Last3" provides names of three authors.  Depending on the bibliography style, the author names are concatenated to first initial and last name or full names and so on.  In refbase, when I enter author names as above, it preserves the exact description of the entry. Therefore, it shows "First1 Last1 and First2 Last2 and First3 and Last3" as the author names.  This is not how I want to publish it on the websites.  It is, however, necessary for exporting to BibTeX so that the bibliography styles can format the entry accordingly.

Is there a way to extend a citeStyle such that the author names are interpreted as in BibTex such that I can enter the above author name list and it shows up as "Last1, F1., Last2, F2. and Last3, F3." without having to manually insert it that way as author names.

-- Hiren